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God said that what it was

Lord, I want to be clean! I am clean.
Lord, I want to be Healed! I am healed.
Lord save me from the enemies! I am saved.
God said the value that separated the darkness from the light.
God sent word to Earth.
The Great Light of Grace took dwell among the people,
and in the human heart is light and salt. But...
if the salt loses its saltiness what does that when the benefit?
Blessed are You Lord God Jesus Christ, Son of God, that giveth me righteousness and Grace!
Amen, Amen!
God bless you, Prayer of The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit Sweden

*Anointed Sanctified Ambassadress of God, Birgit*
The Kingdom of God.

Additionally seem to be the one with alone in the world photographed highest Angels in Heaven according biblical description. The Swedish Church more harmonious, Christianity!

First Woman of God in Sweden Pray healed a autistic born Catholic boy wearing professional certificate heal from that, medical specialists since investigation begin 2007. It is impossible to rationalize away my Holy service.

✝ Call unto me, and I will answer thee
Jer 33:3 Only GOD knows Your Heart!

In "Jesus Acute" search find threads some People of God in the situation looks hopeless. With God nothing is impossible, only believe in God.

Each gives its support on their own terms and responsibilities in the search willingly. The Lord Jesus Christ has the power to forgive you if you repent from your Sin! Uses one more & more Media.

"Do not prevent a beautiful dream of God"

Pentecostal Church false Pastes superintendent prohibits Pastors to speak the truth for fear that the member number of falls and feel comfortable deselect innocent for competitive purposes prohibits in Lifetime, a prohibition take Eucharist, or pray to God, visit The Church services to kill the Holy Spirit in envy trampled on Jesus Christ, the Lord's blood saved, healt and drawn a straight path .... probably thought a rival female Woman of God is Anointed too, trampled male counterparts toes. Pastors believes that " he has no good with her ", but is not a Church motive for longer to " Have a good relationship with God "?

Is there a difference between false Pastor & true Pastor, as Day & Night!

Pastor Casin from Belgium said to Churches: "She is innocent and not done anything wrong. That cancer you had is from enemy"!

The Elder Peacher a Man of God in Finland, Mannerheim said "Multiply jealous of you ... " Continue

There are hidden motives of Pentecostal leaders / Pentecostal Pastors twist righteous right. Do you recognize yourself, place a greater burden than ever for preventing emerge? Something for you, Jesus Acute form the link to comfort the Holy One? Stronger force after a friend of mine took suicide, because that Church accuser!

God is God, Your God, shall You Worship and Have no other gods Than Me!

Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God. 3 Jh 1:10-11

♥ True Anointed ♥ is Will of God be Blessed for Ever!

My Dream come true Jesus Acute is help for you!
Jesus Acute came through a Pray-dream year 2002, myself did not get help wicked men Pentecostal Churches Pastes on the contrary, they were joined with arch-enemies, "GOD all alone". GOD BLESS SHALOM
The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit

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